Fears about the Ebola virus have reached an all time high since the discovery of a case in Dallas this week.

But despite the fact that experts say the chances of an outbreak happening in the US are extremely low, the current media coverage is feeding people’s fears instead of helping to minimize them.

Here are some Wise Mind Living strategies to help you avoid joining the Ebola hysteria.

1. Check the facts
Make sure you only get information from non-sensational, respected sources. And once you have it, try not to give in to emotion biased, catastrophic thinking by reminding yourself of the facts. (Here’s a post I wrote about how to rid yourself of negative thought patterns.)

2. Tune out
Resist the urge to read everything you can get your hands on and watch every clip on TV. Once you have the info from a trusted source, you don’t need to keep researching. Any ongoing checking is emotion mind behavior not wise mind behavior.

3. Limit worry time
Obsessive rumination will make your fear worse. When you catch yourself thinking about it over and over again, picture a stop sign in your mind and then try to shift your focus to something else. Dive in to your work, read a book or call a friend.

Please let me know if these tips helped to alleviate your fears and leave a comment below.