It’s 57 degrees and sunny in New York City as I write this, and it feels like spring has finally arrived.

And I feel good—really good! So good that I’m feeling energized and motivated to tackle my to-do list and take on the world.

But I know that sometimes you need more than a sunny day to cheer you up, let alone motivate you. I also know that facing your fears can be an excellent motivator. Really! Facing your fears will also bring joy to your life.

So give it a try. I wrote a blog post for Psychology Today on the best strategy for facing your biggest fears and you can read all about that here. (And you can read more about the big 8 emotion families here).

The arrival of spring is also a time for holidays, and many people will be celebrating Passover tonight and Easter on Sunday. And that means big family dinners with more desserts than usual.

If you’re like me, you’ll be fighting the urge to resist all those treats and candy that tend to be loaded with sugar.

Remember how fat was supposed to be bad for you? Turns out that sugar is the real bad guy and there’s plenty of scientific proof to back this up. However, sugar is addicting and cutting back or going cold turkey is easier said than done.

So check out my latest Oz Blog post here for tips to break the emotional ties that are keeping you reaching for the sweet stuff!

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