Today is an exciting day for me: my first book, Wise Mind Living: Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life, has officially launched.

I wrote this book because I believe most people have the wrong idea about what stress is, which is why they aren’t very good at managing it.

What we need to do is learn how to manage our distressing emotions—because that’s what stress really is.

Wise Mind Living is an owner’s manual to your emotions. As a clinical psychologist with 19-years experience treating patients, I realized that most people have no idea how to identify or label their emotions. I also know that not every problem requires therapy.

The reason we all need to learn about emotions is because our stress and the related problems it causes all stem from emotions that are being ignored, denied, misunderstood or just poorly handled.

Your distressing emotions, when they aren’t taken care of in a productive way, are at the root of all of your most common issues: overeating, chronic relationship conflict, money mismanagement, substance abuse, and in many cases, poor physical health.

In Wise Mind Living, I’ll teach you to identify and manage the emotions that might be getting in the way of achieving your goals. We’ll use mindfulness exercises and lifestyle strategies to help change the way you think, feel, and behave in situations where stress or difficult emotions like anxiety, sadness, anger or shame arise.

At the end of the book I offer a six-week Wise Mind Living program for practicing the strategies you’ve learned. Keep in mind that it will take ongoing practice to properly hone your new skills. But when you’re able to get a handle on your emotions, you can get a handle on your problems—and your stress.

I also recorded an audio program titled, Living in Wise Mind: Practices to Master Your Emotions and Transform Your Life, intended as a stand-alone resource or as a complement to my book.

Living in Wise Mind brings you an empowering series of guided mindfulness meditation exercises, on-the-spot techniques for managing distressing situations, and training in how to accept and tolerate the things we can’t change.

Wise Mind Living is a continual balancing act between acceptance and change, and it gets easier to maintain with practice. I hope my book and CDs help you along your journey. It’s never too late to change and transform your life!