3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are complicated and can cause emotional stress—to be successful they take work.

Here are three simple strategies I teach all of the couples I work with that you can use to improve your relationship today.

Put the other person first.

Deep down you know that you should put your partner first—but it’s hard to do because it makes you feel vulnerable.

You worry that if you don’t put yourself first you won’t get your needs met. But take a look at any successful relationship you admire and I bet you’ll see that they put each other’s needs first.

This is the issue […]

5 Wise Mind Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

The holidays are supposed to be fun, right?

But most people experience some level of holiday stress . This can be caused by the demands of shopping for gifts, attending social gatherings, and coping with the inevitable memories that are brought up by the holiday season.

Here are a five Wise Mind Living tips to help you cope with stressful situations during the holidays.

1. Set realistic expectations and keep things in perspective.

Most of us find ourselves faced with too much to do, too much to buy and not enough time or money for everything we think we […]

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