6 Quick Ways To Be More Mindful Today

Practicing mindfulness is easier than you think. But it can be daunting to be more mindful if you’re not sure where or how to begin.

That’s why I suggest you start by incorporating little moments of mindfulness throughout your day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use events that recur throughout your day as reminders to take a moment to pause and breathe.

For just a few minutes, shift your awareness away from the autopilot of life and try to truly be present in the moment. That’s mindfulness in everyday life!

Below are six examples of […]

The Beginners Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

Are you curious about meditation but not sure how to start a mindfulness meditation practice?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to sit still with your thoughts for even just a few minutes. Or when and where to meditate.

Well, I’m here to help you overcome any obstacles with my beginners guide to mindfulness meditation.

One of the best ways to learn mindfulness is by doing a formal Mindfulness of Breath practice. This is one of the simple meditation techniques that I teach all of my patients, and it’s a good place to start for anyone interested in learning […]

How To Fit A Mindfulness Practice In To Your Busy Schedule

I know that many of you would like to start a mindfulness practice but aren’t sure where to begin.

Or you’re wondering how to fit this in to your already busy schedule. I have a solution for you: an informal mindfulness practice!

There are two types of mindfulness practices: formal and informal. Both are key to Wise Mind Living, and you can do both or alternate depending on your schedule.

A formal practice is the version most people imagine when they think of meditation – sitting in a quiet space for about 20-minutes, […]

Why Mindfulness Meditation Improves Athletic Performance

Whether or not you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably heard of Phil Jackson, the “Zen Master” who led Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and then Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, to a record-setting 11 NBA championships.

He’s currently the president of the New York Knicks and just announced that the team is undergoing mandatory mindfulness meditation training.

As someone who has practiced mindfulness meditation for 20 years and teaches it to my patients, I was thrilled to hear this news—but not because I’m a crazy Knicks fan. (Truth be told, as a Duke alumni I […]

Why You Should Start Cultivating Mindfulness Now

Have you noticed how the term mindfulness is popping up everywhere?

It’s no longer just reserved for Buddhist retreats and Yoga Journal articles. How to practice mindfulness is the hot topic at the office for coping with stress, and the media can’t seem to get enough of it.

Time magazine’s cover story this week is on “The Mindful Revolution” and The Huffington Post has a “GPS for the Soul” section. A search on The New York Times comes up with almost 200 articles on mindfulness in the past year.

Mindfulness has clearly reached buzzworthy […]

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