If you want to know how to improve your relationships you’re not alone. The best predictor of overall happiness in life is the quality of your relationships. So it’s time to take stock of the people in your life, and decide which relationships you cherish and which need to go (toxic relationships equal toxic life).

All relationships take work – whether it’s with a friend, partner, co-worker, or family member. And no where else in life do emotions get more triggered than in your relationships with other people. If you cannot regulate your emotions, you cannot have positive relationships.

It’s key to be aware of the dynamics that are developing in any relationship. Then you’re able to correct them when you go off course—and we all go off course at some point. When you’re truly aware of what you’re feeling, you can choose to respond in a wise mind way that’s relationship building, not relationship damaging.

4 Skills That Will Deepen Your Relationship

I bet you can relate to wanting to know what relationship skills will help fix a relationship or keep it healthy.

You’re not alone: Relationship issues are one of the most common topics that bring patients to my office.

Whether you just started dating a few weeks ago or have been married for 20 years, the following relationship skills are the key to creating and maintaining a deep emotional connection with the one you love.

Actively Listen

Make a real effort to focus your attention on what your partner is saying. This means that you aren’t thinking about what you’re going to […]

3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are complicated and can cause emotional stress—to be successful they take work.

Here are three simple strategies I teach all of the couples I work with that you can use to improve your relationship today.

Put the other person first.

Deep down you know that you should put your partner first—but it’s hard to do because it makes you feel vulnerable.

You worry that if you don’t put yourself first you won’t get your needs met. But take a look at any successful relationship you admire and I bet you’ll see that they put each other’s needs first.

This is the issue […]

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