mindfulness benefits


Mindfulness is paying attention to whatever is happening moment-by-moment without being judgmental. It means waking up to your experience in the present moment, and not thinking about the past or the future.

Observing thoughts, sensations and emotions in this way allows you to create some distance between yourself and the thoughts or emotions being experienced.

Creating this distance can lead to feeling less caught up in an emotion or thought. It also allows for the deeper recognition that thoughts and feelings are nothing more than “mental events” and may not be accurate reflections of reality (read how to rid yourself of negative thinking patterns here).

By observing thoughts and emotions in this more distanced, and accepting way, an individual can approach a stressful situation with a mindful response rather than automatically reacting in a way that may actually increase his or her distress.

In mindfulness meditation, the objective is to shine the light of observation on your experience without judging or attempting to change anything about it.

This practice regulates the body and mind through attentional control. You allow thoughts, feelings or sensations to arise while maintaining an unattached, accepting, non-judgemental stance.

You can try my mindfulness meditation practice here.