Are You A Believer?

Guess what? Two years ago today I wrote the first post for my Wise Mind Living blog.

I just re-read the post and wanted to share it with you here because it’s a good reminder about how to reduce your stress and anxiety by living in balance between your emotions and logic.

I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts for you and getting your feedback has been wonderful. As I begin this third year, I’d love to know what topics resonated with you and what topics you’d like to read more about.

Check out the rest of the blog […]

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How to Heal Yourself From Traumatic Life Experiences

I’ll never forget my experience on the morning of September 11th fourteen years ago.

I was just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center and watched the towers fall with a mixture of disbelief and sheer panic.

Since then, I have worked with many patients whose lives were devastatingly changed forever on that day.

But all of our lives were changed in some way, and putting traumatic life experiences like 9/11 behind you and beginning the healing process can be challenging.

If you’re struggling with this, check out my Psychology Today blog post on How to Put Painful Experiences Behind […]

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Robin Williams and the Stigma of Depression

It’s been one year since Robin Williams died by suicide, and it’s a sad reminder that depression is indiscriminate.

Although it’s the most common mental health disorder in the US, depression is treatable. However, we still need to tackle the negative stigma of depression because 80% of people suffering with depression don’t seek treatment.

This breaks my heart, because depression is at the root of most suicide attempts, and as a psychologist I know that it’s highly treatable—even in its most severe forms.

I think the main reason why people don’t seek treatment is because there are so many myths about […]

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5 Signs You Should See A Therapist

One of the most common questions people ask me when they find out I’m a psychologist is, “How do you know when it’s time to see a therapist?”

We all experience periods of feeling sad, stressed out, anxious or depressed, but these are usually short lived. If you’re experiencing any of the signs below, it’s probably time to seek professional help.

Your mood or emotions are extreme and getting in the way of living the life you want to be living.

A tell tale sign that you might need a mental health diagnosis is when your mood is […]

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6 Quick Ways To Be More Mindful Today

Practicing mindfulness is easier than you think. But it can be daunting to be more mindful if you’re not sure where or how to begin.

That’s why I suggest you start by incorporating little moments of mindfulness throughout your day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use events that recur throughout your day as reminders to take a moment to pause and breathe.

For just a few minutes, shift your awareness away from the autopilot of life and try to truly be present in the moment. That’s mindfulness in everyday life!

Below are six examples of […]

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3 Timeless Life Lessons From My Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about my dad and the many timeless life lessons he’s taught me.

He even showed me how to live in Wise Mind before that term entered the lexicon.

Now when I teach people about Wise Mind Living, I ask them to think of someone (real or imaginary) who embodies what it means to live in Wise Mind.

It’s a helpful way to make this complex concept more concrete and it gives you a role model to use as an inspiration when you’re practicing Wise Mind Living strategies. (You can read more about […]

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How to Take Charge of Your Emotions to Reduce Stress

Are you tired of being stressed out all the time?

Do you want to change but aren’t sure what to do?

Well, you’re not alone and I’m here to help!

If you want to know how to reduce stress you need to figure out what you’re feeling. This means identifying the specific emotion that’s causing your stress—because unless you know what you’re feeling, you can’t change.

As I often say on the Wise Mind Living blog, your stress can always be boiled down to one of the big eight emotions. There are only eight emotion families to choose from […]

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The Best Advice I Ever Got From My Mom

This post was inspired by one of the most incredible women I know: my mom.

There’s a reason why the saying “mother knows best” never goes out of style—it’s true!

Mom’s can’t help but give you advice – it’s in their DNA. And like your mom, my mom has given me countless pieces of advice throughout my life. Some I took, and some I wish I took.

But there are two things she told me as a teenager that I still take to heart.

When I was in high school, at the height of being self-conscious and awkward, I was diagnosed with […]

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Spring Has Finally Arrived

It’s 57 degrees and sunny in New York City as I write this, and it feels like spring has finally arrived.

And I feel good—really good! So good that I’m feeling energized and motivated to tackle my to-do list and take on the world.

But I know that sometimes you need more than a sunny day to cheer you up, let alone motivate you. I also know that facing your fears can be an excellent motivator. Really! Facing your fears will also bring joy to your life.

So give it a try. I wrote a blog post for Psychology Today on […]

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3 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Does your emotional intelligence play a role in your happiness and success?

Some experts suggest that it can be even more important than IQ. I’ve found that emotionally intelligent people are successful because they practice a set of strategies that are part of a balanced approach to life that I call Wise Mind Living.

Emotionally intelligent people are confident because they know how to manage their emotions. They also have the ability to perceive, express, and evaluate emotion in themselves and others. They make choices in wise mind, not emotion […]

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