Build A Meaningful Career

Build A Meaningful Career

The most fulfilled people seem to find some enjoyment in their work no matter what they do. And according to a Gallup poll, people who have the opportunity to focus on their strengths at work are three times as likely to report having an excellent overall quality of life.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to find a new job to have a meaningful career. But you do need to find some meaning in the work you do and focus on your strengths instead of your shortcomings.

When you find yourself stuck doing something you don’t like, it depletes your overall quality of life, your sense of fulfillment and your happiness. But remember, curing cancer isn’t the only way to find fulfillment or enjoyment in your work.

The fulfillment you find at work might be in the environment and the people you work with. However, if your work place is toxic, you might have found the right vocation in the wrong place. Try focusing your attention on what’s good, savor that, and start building from this place where you find meaning.

Again, it’s all about choice. I’ve curated some blog posts that provide tips and strategies to help you make wise mind choices so you can build a meaningful career.

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