Feel Better About Yourself

Feel Better About Yourself

If you’re like most people I know, you want to feel better about yourself.

We’re living in an epidemic of imposter syndrome, where so many people feel like they’re not good enough because that’s the story they’re telling themselves. Have you fallen into this trap?

If so, and you want to start to feel better about yourself, the solution is to choose to be mindful of the negative self talk and the story you’re telling about yourself that’s not true.

You can change how you feel by changing what you think—because your feelings are not facts. And it’s your choice to decide what to think and what story you tell yourself in any situation.

When you’re in emotion mind it’s easy to fall into common habits of negative thinking. Once you’re aware of these habits you can use them to identify the flaws in your “story” and change the story you’re telling yourself.

When you truly acknowledge the present situation, then you have the choice to adjust, problem solve, change, shift or accept whatever is going on in your life.

Choice gives you the ability to feel as if things aren’t just happening to you, that you have control—and this will make you feel less resentful, less put upon and less overwhelmed.

I’ll be honest, none of this is easy but it’s totally doable. I’ve curated a selection of blog posts with tips and insights to help you feel better about yourself right now.

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