Living in Wise Mind: Practices to Master Your Emotions and Transform Your Life

Living in Wise Mind is an audio program that brings you an empowering series of guided mindfulness meditation exercises, on-the-spot techniques for managing distressing situations, and training in how to accept and tolerate the things we can’t change.

Intended as a stand-alone resource or as a complement to my book, Wise Mind Living, the teachings and practices here are designed to help you achieve positive results whether your goals are weight loss, managing finances, improving your relationships—or any area of your life that you’re hoping to change.

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Free Yourself from Anxiety – Audio CD

I’ve found that making CDs is an effective way to share my knowledge of stress management techniques, such as mindfulness exercises and guided meditations, with everyone who wants to improve their overall sense of well-being.

The CDs below include my first program of guided meditations that will help transform your experience of anxiety, and a compilation I was thrilled to be a part of from Dr. Andrew Weil, pioneer in integrative medicine, featuring exercises for optimizing your nervous system.

Free Yourself from Anxiety: A Mind-Body Prescription – Buy this CD

The Healthy Heart Kit – Buy this CD